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QwikScript is the first, completely transparent prescription marketplace via the patient's insurance. QwikScript solves

all the major pain points associated with the current prescription process for patients and physicians

from the moment the script is sent, to the time It arrives at their door.


How does it work?


Qwikscript allows you to upload all of your demographic information onto our app to create a profile. From here you will be able to sync with your physician and check in on the status of your prescription. After the pharmacy runs your insurance information you will be able to purchase your prescription virtually on the app. We guarantee you the best pricing with free overnight delivery! Whats better than not having to wait in line at your pharmacy?


Qwikscript is the first mobile app that addresses all the major pain points of the prescription process. We are here to streamline the prescription workflow and increase the overall care of your patients. We utilize a mobile chart and digital transfer of patient information to save time and increase communication with Specialty Pharmacies.


Qwikscript is completely HIPAA compliant

using industry standard encryption and bank

grade security for payment.

doctor / patient

Qwikscript has revolutionized my office by dramatically reducing paperwork which means I can spend time with my patients ... the reason I wanted to be a doctor in the first place! Jenifer Michaels Physician
I finally found the best app on the internet ... I can literally fill my prescription and get affordable prices from the comfort of my couch Brian Andersson Patient
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